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It's kind of weird to include this site in it's own projects gallery, right? It's kind of like a weird recursive portfolio piece. Well, I consider this site to be a kind of jam-stack proof of concept and I needed a place to detail the work I put into this project and features I brought to life.

This site is proof that connecting a Svelte Kit front-end with a Directus 9 back-end is an extremely powerful combination. After working with WordPress for 12+ years, I knew it was time to figure out a new stack that would allow a more direct access to data and data flow. I also knew that serverless and edge-cached front-ends were the future.

After experimenting with Vue & headless WordPress,  I knew that I could do better. Finding Svelte was like getting wind in my sails. When Directus made the switch from PHP to Node, I tried it within the first week of it's public release and was blown away at it's speed and power. I knew that this stack was going to be extremely powerful.

Project Scope

This is a full-stack project with no 3rd party style or component libraries used. The content is modelled and managed in Directus 9. The front-end is a SvelteKit project delivered by Cloudflare Pages.

Technologies & Features